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At heart‘n’design, we act as the bridge that links you with those you intend to reach, carrying your message across in a clear and presentable manner that appeals to the visual senses and the heart thereby eliciting the desired response. As a design service, with many years of working in the print industry, experience has shown that well designed and precise promotional material is vital if you wish to: - Boost awareness and raise the profile of your organisation, ministry or business. - Successfully market and sell your products and services. - Bring in the desired crowds you want at your events and programmes. One of the ways we serve our clients better is through a thoughtful result oriented consultation with them. This enables us to develop the corporate image, publicity material or presentation required to suit the clients’ needs. Such consultations, is a valuable means of communicating the brief, i.e. what kind of image to be portrayed and the customer base targeted. For our profile click here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/heartndesign/

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